fuck off, fuck you, middle finger

"Even if it kills me im going to smile."

Trust hurts...Betrayal Kills.

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fuck off, fuck you, middle finger

aaron is selling his soul on ebay hahahaha


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Hey, Its been awhile.

You need to tell Aaron to umm grow up. From what I hear he is stupid now. What the fuck happened? I guess hes a fat loser now? Weird how I knew that was going to happen to him. Well anyway Tim

I love ya! See ya hun

<3 Brit

who have you been talking to? because they lie.


well, lets see my friend Sarah...

And people that hang out at his old apartment.

lol he hasn't had that apartment for 3 months..
and i believe he hasn't seen sarah in about 2.

Well, Im just saying what a few people have told me Tim. And I was being honest about it. I still love the kid to death and I always will. I just pray that he isnt all those things...ya know? The weird thing about it is that I could see him going down hill this last summer, and I just worry. Him and I grew up together pretty much, Im going to worry about him...I wasnt trying to sound like a bitch or anything but still...just saying what I heard. Alright!


wow.....that makes me feel great...i hope it makes you feel as good as it did me...and to think i used to like you a lot as a friend.....*shakes head* that hurt a lot...you've officially ruined my day, week, etc...thanks

Re: OMGosh

Aaron, from what I hear you have turned into something that your not. Its a shame. Really it is, you were a good person...well the one that I knew at once...what happened? Where did the old Aaron go. You seriously went down the wrong path. Look, I know ALOT more than you think that I do...remember you were "seeing" one of my best friends there for awhile, if thats what you wanna call it...so of course Im going to hear things...
Look, you need to slow down on some things and I know you know what I am talking about.
You can still look at me as a friend or whatever you said, but I dont look at you as one. And you know why...you put me through alot Aaron...just think...(summer)!
Anyway, I will ttyl. I pray that everything goes well and you think about this. Later

britney, why did you log out to make this post?


Re: OMGosh

i dont respect your thoughts..im sorry brittany..im happy who i am..i may wish that i had done things differently in the past and perhaps erase some things, but the fact of the matter is that you dont even know who i am anymore..so this is why i do not respect your thoughts

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